COMTO Northern California Scholarship

The Northern California Chapter of the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO
NorCal) is a national, multi-ethnic professional organization founded in 1971 to advance the
representation of minority professionals in the transportation industry, nurture their career
growth through networking and training, and champion equitable transportation development.
A cornerstone of COMTO’s work is supporting the next generation of transportation
professionals and providing financial support for students in need. This is COMTO NorCal’s 20th
Scholarship Awards Gala.

Levels: Sophomore Junior or Seniors & Grad Students
Minimum GPA: 2.5
Deadline to Apply: October 20, 2023

COMTO’s National Scholarship Program supports our strategic goal of ensuring the continuing legacy of minorities in transportation. COMTO annually awards multiple national academic scholarships, ranging from $500 to $6,000 each to minority graduate and undergraduate students from across the country. Scholarship awardees are represented in all academic backgrounds and are pursuing various careers in the transportation industry.

Deadline to Apply: December 31, 2023

Brook Owens Fellowship for undergraduate women and gender minorities in Aerospace.
“Created to honor the legacy of a beloved space industry pioneer and accomplished pilot, Dawn Brooke Owens (1980 – 2016), the Brooke Owens Fellowship is designed to serve both as an inspiration and as a career boost to capable young women and other gender minorities who, like Brooke, aspire to explore our sky and stars, to shake up the aerospace industry, and to help their fellow people here on planet Earth. We do this by matching up to forty students per year with purpose-driven, paid internships at leading aerospace companies and organizations and with senior and executive level mentors.”

Deadline October 7th

Patti Grace Smith Fellowship

The Patti Grace Smith Fellowship is designed to celebrate and serve Black Excellence in Aerospace. We’ve created a comprehensive program tailored for Black and African-American undergraduates students who want to build a career in aerospace. Whether you are interested in aviation or in space; in engineering, science, business, policy, or journalism: we hope you will apply. Filling out this application is the first step you’ll take towards an incredible job, a living wage, a cash grant, a new community of Black peers and allies, and a life-changing experience.

Deadline to Apply: October 15th

The Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship is an internship, mentorship, and networking opportunity awarded to exceptional college juniors, seniors, and graduate students pursuing careers in the commercial spaceflight industry.

Deadline to Apply : October 7, 2023

Zed Factor Fellowship 

An aerospace industry and cadre of professionals comprising of people of all backgrounds, creating a more inclusive, well-rounded and ultimately more impactful and effective nation and world. Our mission is to address the historical exclusion of groups in the aerospace sector through institutional support and mentorship

The Zed Factor Fellowship will include pairing fellows with industry mentors, placing them in paid summer internships, and providing opportunities for them to build a community (via a summit and other gatherings, in person and virtual, throughout and after the summer program).  The participants will also be required to give back to their communities, providing mentorship to a younger community member, building a program in their high school, or finding an appropriate way to grow and expand the impact of the Zed Factor Fellowship beyond themselves.

Applications will open during World Space Week, October 4th through October 10th!


Cadence Diversity in Tech Scholarship Program
Cadence is committed to building a culture that fosters inclusion and embraces diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. Our internship program and relationships with key universities are a critical part of our strategy to increase and support diversity. To further support this mission, they are offering the Cadence Women in Technology, Black Students in Technology, and Latinx Students in Technology Scholarships for eligible students and interns.

Applicants must 
Identify as a woman, Black/African-American, and/or Latinx/Hispanic

  • Be a full-time student in good academic standing at an accredited university in a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD program in the United States or Canada for the 2023 – 2024 academic year, pursuing:
    • Computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, or a closely related technical field

Deadline to Apply: October 2nd

Check back frequently as we update this page regularly!




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