Crowdsource Your Success

I am probably one of the most superstitious and greedy people you will ever meet.  When my daughter says to me “I have the worst luck.” I immediately cringe and say aloud, “Not true. You have the best luck.”  Why? Because I want to put it out there to the universe.   In my own work with engineering students, I often tell them that the law of attraction works best when you crowdsource your success and that greed is good. What does that mean exactly? 

Put it out there to the universe.  If people know that you are into Aerospace then anytime an Aerospace opportunity comes along guess what? That’s right, they’ll immediately think of you.  But they can’t do that if you don’t advertise what you’re passionate about.  One of the things I miss most about the pandemic is the opportunity to meet students in my office and tell stories.  Yes, storytelling.  It’s what I do and from what I’ve heard I’m pretty good at it. I’ve had students ask me to tell them stories and sometimes they’ll bring a friend and say, “I like this story, I want to hear it again.”  I remember one student would come in and say, “Tiffany, I need one of your analogies.” I’d then give them an analogy and in some ways that that analogy was really a pep talk.  That student wasn’t getting the traction he deserved and that student was awesome.  Eventually, it came but in the meantime those analogies were entertaining and a good way for him to realize, “Yeah.  You’re right, I am awesome.”  As we came up with analogies I would say,  “What a minute, this is good stuff!” and go straight to the whiteboard! Soon after another student would come into the office, read what’s on the whiteboard and say “Oh I like that,” or “Huh? Wait… what?”  Like the time I wrote, “Greed is Good!”  Greed is Good?

Greed is good.  Yes, it is.  I’m greedy because I want my students to succeed.  I want to write my students a strong letter of recommendation so if they send me an updated bio and updated resume then they’re basically giving me everything on a silver platter.  More is more and greed is good. I write a great letter and they get whatever they’re applying to.  Those opportunities will come more if you crowdsource your success.  Let folks know what you’re interested in. Maybe you’re a Civil Engineering major interested in Concrete, your friend isn’t but they know that you are so when they get an announcement about an opportunity to work with Concrete who will they send this to??  Yep, you!!
Let folks know what you’re good at.  Let folks know what you’re passionate about.  What are your strengths?  What do you really enjoy?  I couldn’t do differential equations to save my life but need help writing a bio?  Ha!! Look no further. Need a pep talk? Look no further!!  I encourage my students to talk about what they’re interested in and what they enjoy and putting it out there makes it easier for others. 

When you put it out there to the universe it’s like a magnet for internships, scholarships, research positions, programs, or even a full-time gig.  When you let others know what you enjoy and what you like you are, in essence, crowdsourcing your success and that is an amazing way to go after what you want.

Here’s an added bonus, when you do this and are clear about what you’re interested in it also encourages others to explore what they are interested in as well. So get out there and tell people what you are passionate about and what you bring to the table.  Maybe you have a unique combination of interests that on the surface might not seem like they are in sync. Even better, bring it to the table on a silver platter! On the subject of storytelling if you like stories you’ll love my book Rose Colored Lenses.  

Tiffany Reardon

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