Summer REU’s Outside the United States

The Late Anthony Bourdain once said, “travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.” Research is often like teetering in the unknown so why not combine the best of both worlds? Here are five programs outside the US to consider applying to this summer.

1. Amgen Scholars Asia – China, Sinapore, and Japan

The Amgen Scholars Asia is hosted at four premier educational institutions in Asia. Undergraduates worldwide are eligible to apply to participate at one of the host institutions. Each host institution has its own application process

​Levels: Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Non-Graduating Seniors
Minimum GPA: Not Specified
 Deadline to Apply: February 1, 2019​

In addition to the Amgen Scholar Asia Program there are programs at thirteen sites throughout the US.
Students who are Canadian Citizens may also apply to the Amgen Canada Program.

2. ESEP 2019 (Engineering Summer Education Program), School of Engineering, UTokyo

The summer program at the University of Tokyo’s School of Engineering, called ESEP (Engineering Summer Education Program), is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in scientific research projects at world-leading laboratories. Students from partner universities are eligible to participate.

The program aims to give undergraduate and graduate students from around the world the chance to gain short-term research experience in scientific fields. Students will build their researching skills and expand their international networks. Students will also have the opportunity to work with Japanese students to build friendships and share knowledge they can use in further collaborative efforts.

While the full-time laboratory program is five to six weeks long (depending on the laboratory the student belongs to), the program also provides students with chances to learn about the Japanese culture and language. Additionally, summer program students are welcome to use the UTokyo campus facilities.

Application Deadline: January 23, 2019

3. Optics in the City of Light Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) – France

This year the Optics in the City of Light Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) will offer 8 undergraduate junior level students the opportunity to spend 2 months in a variety of laboratories in Paris performing research with a wide range of ultrafast lasers. Optics, especially the new discoveries in Extreme Light, is one of the most exciting areas of science. Students in this program will experience strong collaborative science that is currently taking place between University of Michigan (UM) Center for Ultrafast Optical Science (CUOS), University Paris-Saclay, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Nationale de Techniques Avancées (ENSTA), Université Paris-Sud 11 Orsay, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, and l’Institut d’ Optique Graduate School. Teams of faculty (one from Ann Arbor and one from Paris) will each direct an REU student on a collaborative project

Levels: Juniors who will be Seniors in Fall 2019
Citizenship Requirements: US Citizen or Green Card Holder
Deadline to Apply: January 10, 2019

4. University of Waterloo – Canada

The University of Waterloo has two opportunities. The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) USEQIP is a two-week program, running May 27-June 7, 2019, on the theoretical and experimental study of quantum information aimed primarily at students one year away from completing their undergraduate studies. The lectures and experiments are geared toward students in engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science, though all interested students are invited to apply.The program has space for 25 students. Accommodations and meals are covered, and bursaries are available for travel expenses.

For those looking for a longer summer research experience apply for an Undergraduate Research Award (URA) to spend the summer doing theoretical or experimental research at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC). Work with internationally recognized faculty and students from around the world in a unique, interdisciplinary research community.

Both USEQIP and URA applications are due Monday, January 7, 2019. References are due Monday, January 14, 2019

5. The RIKEN Center for Brain Science (RIKEN CBS) – Tokyo

The RIKEN Center for Brain Science (RIKEN CBS), located just outside Tokyo, Japan, offers a summer program to train advanced students interested in brain function. Applicants may choose either a two-month laboratory internship (Plan A) within a RIKEN CBS laboratory, or an intensive 5-day lecture course (Plan B) featuring a distinguished international faculty. Those participating in the internship may also enroll in the lecture course.

Typically, around 45 international students are accepted to the Summer Program each year. Attendees have wide-ranging academic backgrounds and are usually enrolled in graduate courses, or have recently embarked on postdoctoral research. However, candidates holding other positions are encouraged to apply.

Attendees usually reside on/near the RIKEN campus, where they have ample opportunity to interact with invited lecturers, other attendees and RIKEN CBS researchers. Students unable to provide their own financial support will be considered for travel and accommodation bursaries provided by RIKEN CBS.

Application opens in Early January