YouTube Channels for Students created by Students

Now that summer has officially begin for most students this is a great time to check out some new YouTube Channels created for students by students.   

The Tech Twins

Andrew and Mark created their Channel, The Tech Twins to help first generation college students succeed in the tech industry

Twin brothers Andrew and Mark Ansell have put together a YouTube Channel appropriately titled “The Tech Twins.”  Both Andrew and Mark double majored in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration at the University of California at Berkeley.  During their time at Berkeley they interned at top tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla.  Their channel has a wealth of interviews and resources for students everything from creating resumes and obtaining internships to giving a glimpse into what it’s like to Study Abroad.  Whether you’re studying Business or Engineering you’ll definitely want to subscribe and learn from their experiences in the tech world.  Check it out!

Imari Walker Karega

Fun fact: Imari’s latest post is perfect for high school seniors starting college this fall.

Analytical Chemist, Environmental Engineer and Duke PhD student Imari Walker Karega has created a brand new YouTube channel that combines “Education, Weekly Inspiration, and Science.”  Subscribe to Imari’s channel if you’re a high school student looking for advice on applying to colleges, an undergraduate interested in obtaining a PhD or just plain interested in science. If you’re the latter you’ll love her episode on Microplastics. Tune in to hearing about Imari’s journey to the Doctorate and her words of wisdom.  
Check it out!


Fun Fact: Kanoa transferred to UC Berkeley from San Diego Mesa College in San Diego, CA

Recent Chemical Engineering graduate Kanoa Cook has created a YouTube Channel that combines everything from his experience transferring from a community to a university to learning more about vaccines. As an undergraduate student Kanoa interned at top pharmaceutical companies such as Amgen and participated in REU at Louisiana State University and the University of California at San Diego. Subscribers will enjoy Kanoa’s upcoming videos. 
Check it Out!

Alexis Loveraz

When he’s not creating math tutorials Alex is a student a high school student at Harlem Prep High School
in New York City.

Worried that your little brothers and sisters are spending too much time on TikTok?  Don’t worry Alexis Loveraz aka the “Tik Tok tutor” is using his math skills to tutor kids in mathematics and chemistry.  This sixteen year old’s channel is not only entertaining but can save families a ton of money on test prep courses for standardized tests such as the SAT. Check him out on TikTok and YouTube!

Alex on Tik Tok
Alex on YouTube

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