Are you the next Grace Hopper? Travel Awards for undergrads, grad students, and faculty.

Do you want to go to the Grace Hopper Celebration?  The Anita Borg Institute is providing scholarships for Undergraduates, Graduate Students, and Faculty interested in attending this year’s Grace Hopper Celebration scheduled for September 26 to 28 in Houston, Texas. Last year’s conference brought over 18,000 attendees celebrating the achievements of women in CS.

Scholarships include registration for the three-day celebration, lodging (double occupancy), round-trip airfare, as well as a travel stipend for incidentals.  

What Majors are they looking for?  Students (and faculty) with backgrounds in CS as well as  electrical engineering, human-computer interaction, math, or physics.
Apply Now

Deadline to Apply March 6th 


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